Don’t throw away that stethoscope yet..this is a device that attaches and works with mobile devices to attain a lot more information.

From the website:

“CardioSleeve cloud computing entrusts remote servicesimage with a user's interface to record heart sounds and 3 Lead ECG signals for analysis in real time. The cloud maintains an extensive library of cardiac murmurs (including congenital heart disease) and heart sounds database. The sounds have been recorded from real patients at the four main auscultation locations (aortic, pulmonary, tricuspid and mitral) with the diagnosis confirmed by means of echocardiography. The computer logarithms with a 90% or more accuracy assist in the diagnoses of pathological and physiological heart murmurs even at heart rates of up to 180 bpm!”

The results are sent to a cloud server for interpretation and returned to the device.  You can select where the stethoscope will be placed.  The readings are also stored in the cloud EMR where they can be reviewed at any time.  The software also can find the existence of a heart murmur.  It connects to a Smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC with wireless connect ability, so no cords and can use Bluetooth as well.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and should be available later this year, for clinicians only.  BD







Pennsylvania startup Rijuven Corp. announced Wednesday that the FDA has cleared a first-of-its-kind stethoscope accessory device that allows clinicians to get 3-Lead ECG and Digital Auscultation. The device can also connect wirelessly to mobile devices.image

The ability to listen to the heart using the traditional stethoscope and make a correct diagnosis depends largely on the expertise and training of the physician. In many cases, physicians may order additional tests like an ECG to get a clearer picture of the condition of the heart.

By comparison, the CardioSleeve aims to achieve a similar result by attaching on to the stethoscope and displaying the results on mobile devices like a smartphone, laptop, PC or a tablet


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