Here’s the latest on the context of abortions.  I’ll tell you I have never seen a group of men waste more time with an issue like this and disregard more pressing issues and again to me it looks clearer every day that those “other” issues might require knowledge above and beyond what some of these folks have and comprehend.  Remember Jim DeMint left his position in Congress to go to the Heritage Foundation? 

The one challenge I questioned on their web site has improved from how it looked originally for the $3 million dollar carrot to predict hospitalimage readmissions with a high level of accuracy   It originally looked like a gaming site but again putting too much faith in algorithm predictions here and wanting a high level of accuracy, ask any scientist and mathematician about models.  We have tons on record about how folks have modified and flat out lied about their studies, so these folks could really spend some time getting educated from scientists and mathematicians on how this works.  Good video here which explains some of the “out of context studies and those that just flat out lie, and the video is also located in the footer of this blog which is all about “Context” and this latest statement really is just one more stab to avoid dealing with areas that have a bigger urgency and I think just self serving to promote their own egos:) 

Heritage Going At It Again With Yet Another Prize to Transform Healthcare-Why Not Just Build Models That Don’t Lie for Profit And Work Instead of All This Noise

So What’s Going on Over at the Heritage Health Prize Competition to Predict Who Ends Up Being Re-Admitted to the Hospital–A Lot of Mathematical Algorithms For One…

You can read all over the news about those who question many of their studies and what “context” they use with some of their studies.  A few years back, and again this comes around to technology I myself pretty much shook my head at their $3 million dollar carrot for creating the perfect algorithms to address and predict readmissions in hospitals.  In my opinion, Algo Duping is alive and well over there with the context of their reporting and of course their expectations of what data and algorithms can accurately do.  And now for a little satire…at the link below and how some are driving themselves over the cliff with data..Heritage seems to fit this bill of late. 

So what area of “context” will we hear next I wonder?  BD

Data Addiction and Abuse –The Up and Coming Next 12 Step Program Is On the Horizon–Side Effects Include Lack Of Data Quality, Integrity And Spasmodic Algorithms


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