Oh is everyone not trying to figure out how to make a buck!  It’s not bad enough that we have a data selling epidemic in place with raising the levels of flawed data every day, but now TSA wants to express check imageyou through the airports and if you pay them $85 they won’t check your feet anymore.  Well you know what, they can still check my feet.  How far is all of this going to go.  Do you mean these folks are not part of PRISM (grin). 

Gets worse than that as private for hire folks are going to be doing the scanning.  Government can’t even hire folks do that…where’s the NSA when you need them? 

Now all U.S. citizens can apply to speed through airport screening -- if they don't mind contractors potentially mining their social media posts for signs of threatening behavior. TSA Pre✓ is the name of the program.  Now what do these 3rd parties get, more data to sell?  I hate to see the privacy policy written on this one as it has to be at least 3-10 pages long written imageby lawyers who are the absolute worst at running government agencies today, even the DOJ is stuck with digital dud Holder right now.  Just watch Too Big to Jail from PBS and listen to DOJ Manny whine…no confidence at all on the documentary for him with technology. 

This scan includes all your social network activity too so yes one more good reason to really limit what you put out there and consider dropping ones like Facebook that are just rich with what you put out there.  Twitter is ok it seems and sure that gets mined but you have to say it in 141 characters or less so less chance of detailed profiles per se.  The vendor gets to choose the method of scanning too so again watch out as the data sellers battle each other here. 

The pilot program is slated to start this fall, so pay or keep the show search alive.  I wonder if they consulted Snowden on this and will be using SharePoint with the NSA to relay all the information?  If you are a novice at how this works and how private industry makes billions selling your data or want to learn how it works, there’s a game now called Data Dealer…

Data Selling Game Now Exploits the Non Regulated Billion Dollar Epidemic–”Data Dealer” The Attack of the Killer Algorithms Gamified

Maybe this is why the FTC is full of digital duds who won’t do anything about the data selling epidemic, you think? 

FTC “Reclaim Your Name Campaign” Not Good Enough–No Path for Regulation Identified–All Data Sellers Including Banks, Insurers, Etc. Should Be Required to Buy a License

Visit the Algo Duping page for more videos that explain more of how this works from getting duped on studies to the story of how banks duped you with the Sub Prime software models used for the mortgage scams, couldn't’ have happened without it.  I have been at this blog beating everyone over the head for the last 2 years about this and the epidemic keeps getting worse.

So now the TSA appears to have joined the “MoneyBall” game.  e are really screwed if this is what the administration is promoting as yet one more example of reactive solutions for a White House and Congress who can’t model and seem to be afraid of math which is what the other side uses.   John Kerry said a few months ago that it was ok to be stupid and 84 Senators who do all their work on paper took him up on it…and that’s what is responsible for making laws today?  This program is going to make a lot of money for some companies, just like United Healthcare is rolling in the contract from the government from DOD, HHS, the VA and more.  Heck get rejected for your mortgage loan right at the airport right?  BD   

On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration opened up to the entire American public a voluntary program once reserved for frequent fliers that lets travelers walk, with their shoes and belts on, to express checkpoint lines. Laptops and TSA-size compliant liquids and gels can stay in place too. Body scans are still required.

"Pre✓” enrollment is expected to cost $85 -- and the loss of privacy. TSA is weighing a contract that would hire private screeners to parse an applicant’s consumer data, such Web browsing histories, for signs of danger before admission into express inspection programs.

Currently Pre✓ fast lanes are available at about 40 airports. Interested fliers can apply for the program, starting this fall, by completing an online form and submitting identification and fingerprints in person at Washington Dulles International Airport or Indianapolis International Airport. Additional enrollment sites will be announced in a few months. The fee covers priority screening privileges for five years.



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