I had a little time to listen in and watch the video and again all I can say is we go way back to square one again, same questions, same everything and those testifying we doing a good job trying to explain.  Baucus appeared to want a simple answer to all of this and believe me if there was one, it would have been there but he doesn’t get it with complexities of IT Infrastructure today.

The short order code kitchen burned down years ago and there was no fire sale, period’…this is what they don’t seem to get, the time, money, labor of intelligent programmers, developers, networkers and so on.  This is really sad.  Here’s an image of what I tweeted yesterday.

Now here’s that great Sunlight Foundation campaign to restore the Office of Technology Assessment…this is a tool and great suggestion to help them and not attack..but can they see the forest for the trees one might ask?

Congress Needs a Bigger Brain–Restore the Office of Technology Assessment And Truly Assess What is Useful And Remove The Algo Duping Permeating In Government–Fantasy Perceptions That Are Not Real Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Instead we get long and lengthy discussions on who can filibuster and when..geez..I’m sorry but this is beginning to sound juvenile if you will…and I know we are all tired of it, or the default topic that comes up with women's health as that’s a safe place to go hang out when laws requiring technology knowledge are discussed.

I had also way back thought the use of IBM Watson would be good to help Congress but no luck there either as all appeared to think it was good for Jeopardy game shows only, sad but Citibank put it to use on modeling and is using models that might be hiding risk to get more of our money, think about that one. 

IBM Watson Going to Work At Citigroup on Wall Street–Congress Didn’t See Big Data As A Tool (Hadoop Framework) When They Had Their Chance…For Consumers The Attack of the Killer Algorithms–Chapter 22

I mean what is it with this group that appears to “refuse” to learn or use knowledge?  I read yesterday where 84 of the senators still file their reports on paper instead of digitally.  Where does Tom Coburn fit in here as a doctor, is he a “paper doc” too?  I never hear any input from him on this area and he claims to still see a few patients when he’s not in DC. 

Again I listened in yesterday and in my opinion it sounded like a bunch of lawmakers that were out of touch with reality and how technology is impacting our lives.  Even on the financial end of things too we are getting a “low tech” bill proposed for a problem that needs “high tech”.  I like Elizabeth Warren too and the bill will help, but it’s not enough.  Cordray gets confirmed so what’ the progress here, continue to build a data base so he can learn about what we go through, does he not participate himself to see this?

Glass-Steagall Revival Presents a “Low Tech” Partial Solution for an Industry that Needs “High Tech” Regulation-Consumers Get 5 More Years of Bank Modeling For Inequality With Segmentation - No Real Regulation In Sight

As far as privacy bills too, nothing proposed there either that is substantial sadly so I guess it’s good to listen in once in a while and see what levels of discussion are being had?  When the Snowden issue came out and we had Diane Feinstein talking about technology she has never touched, what in the world do you think the technologist out there thought? 

FTC “Reclaim Your Name Campaign” Not Good Enough–No Path for Regulation Identified–All Data Sellers Including Banks, Insurers, Etc. Should Be Required to Buy a License

Not much as she doesn’t know what she is talking about with any real specifics…sad.  Everyone hates when politicians talk about subjects they know nothing about and profess to be an expert?  Its loses credibility for them in the long run though if not immediately. 

Really though a few other things bug me too like hearing a Secretary of State saying it’s ok to be stupid, a former Homeland Security director that won’t use email (luddite excuse as discussed on the web by others), an HHS Department that wants to “hurry up” Health IT and joined in a letter by the DOJ head Holder signing with threatening hospitals and doctors?  I mean what is up with these folks?  Again, same echoes of what the Senate testimonies offered.  So let’s all get totally distracted and jump for joy over some new Facebook app right?  Right now with the insurance exchange work some of these folks are finally learning you can’t “hurry up Health IT” short of water boarding developers, engineers and programmers..geez…”why are those deadlines not being met” we hear over and over and over from lawmakers. 

You want to see what I deal with for one example when Google tells me out of the blue that my name is not machine compliant and thought I was a real duck?  That’s an example of what real world folks like me deal with when it comes to data and the errors and yet we are stupid?  I’ll put a ton of consumers up against what I heard yesterday (grin). 

“I’m Sorry Your Google Plus Name Does Not Comply With Google “Names Policies”…Barbara “Duck Algorithm” & Was Using My Real Name All Along…Killer Algorithms Chapter 52

This is what we all fear as consumers is data being used out of context against us and it is happening and it getting worse with flawed data and marketing of business models that lie.  This is why I created the AlgoDuping/Killer Algorithm  page to help educate those who want to know about what’s really happening on servers running 24/7 making life impacting decisions about all of us. 

Big Data/Analytics If Used Out of Context and Without True Values Stand To Be A Huge Discriminatory Practice Against Consumers–More Honest Data Scientists Needed to Formulate Accuracy/Value To Keep Algo Duping For Profit Out of the Game

This has been stated many times over the web about digital illiteracy of lawmakers and others in key positions and I guess today I decided to make a case of it as how do lawmakers that don’t participate in today’s technologies that can afford to pay other people to do all of it for them have adequate knowledge…at least get some resources like the Office of Technology Assessment to help you and think about IBM Watson to create some better law models with smarter queries and data, please!

This is called modeling for inequality and it’s all about math and formulas running on servers so again when I listened yesterday there was no hint of any of this type of knowledge coming from the Senators..scary.  Here’s a former quant that will lay it out for you and she has a great lecture series called “Weapons of Math Destruction”..good to listen in as she worked for a hedge fund and did the math for Larry Summers..her comments are good and truthful.  I said pretty much the same type of thing with the Attack of the Killer Algorithms series I started two years ago.  You can catch another one of her videos from PBS in the footer of this blog too, another good one and having like her testify in Washington to wake up the technological dead would be great.  Listen to how Wall Street treats their math talent, “like a mule.”

Modeling for Inequality With Segmentation, Insurance Industry Uses Backwards Segmentation As Some Models Stand to Threaten Overall Democracy

Well that’s about enough today as I have to go back and empty out my junk mail from the folks in Nigeria that have millions waiting for me (grin). Fix that!   Anyway after listening yesterday to the hearings it just stirred all this up again and I’m here trying to bring reality into the picture and yesterday the testimonies from the folks were good, informative but sadly not appreciated to the point they should be, and are we all just mules in Health IT and in other areas of life?  The Government is clearly out-modeled today and again that Office of Technology Assessment would really help them understand how business works today.  BD


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