In today's world of technology, it is almost a shame that paper folders are still being used.  If you read the comments below it states how they have to go through a "whole roomful of folders" to find the records.  The same thing happens with physicians and hospitals too who are still relying on the paper chart too.  From the article, it appears jobs are apparently on the line here for lack of organization and perhaps use of a little updated technology.  As a parent, this could send out a message to entertain some type of family personal health record so even if immunization records are not available from the school, a family health record file might help you keep this things in check.  BD 

The Baltimore school system has threatened about 120 principals with disciplinary action, including termination, if their schools fail to provide a complete set of records for each student by the end of this month.
Warning letters were sent to the principals recently after two state audits turned up evidence that missing and incomplete student records have become a widespread problem in city schools.

Another audit conducted in April 2005 found, among other things, missing health records among the more than 1,300 general student records examined.

Maryland education regulations require schools to have information on enrollment, attendance and promotion for all students. In April 2005, state officials pulled a random sample of student records at 43 city high schools and found missing standardized test scores, incomplete immunization requirements and outdated information on students' addresses.

State officials say many systems require their schools to use a uniform recordkeeping system - with some using computers - but the city does not.
"They just have a little manila folder, where they stick records in it and put it in filing room," said Carol Ann Baglin, assistant state superintendent for special education and early-intervention services. "So when we go out and ask for records, they have to go through a whole roomful of folders to dig them out."

Source: School officials at risk of firing -


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