New automated process for securing lab results...results sent electronically to the sure your PC or network is ready...BD

The specimens are all marked with bar codes that the automated lab reads to direct the samples along the line. The first read sends the sample into a centrifuge for spinning or to a device that pops off the cap.

At a testing station, a needle-like instrument rapidly dips into the sample to remove a dab for placement on a testing device, whether to measure cholesterol or potassium levels. A self-cleaning function sterilizes the needle before it dips again.

Lab workers don't have to handle open containers in the automated system.

"When you have the human element, I've seen spills happen," Congelliere said. "There's always that potential of hazard."

A computer spits out the results, alerting lab scientists of unusual or dangerous results. The process is also tailored to track an individual's changes since the last test.

"Most of the specimens that go through the lab are normal results," Berman said. "In a hospital, you're going to have a lot of criticals and you want to put your attention on those adverse results."

Results are also sent electronically to doctors.

Article - Money - Medical lab automated at UCI


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