This post is from the blog of Beth Israel Hospital CEO, Paul Levy giving recognition to the powerful MDs as ranked by Modern Healthcare magazine.  Earlier I had posted an article on Dr. Halamka, their CIO, being recognized too in an overall IT arena.  Good to see healthcare represented and as you can see from the listing below, when narrowed down to healthcare only, he's right up there, and the hospital has Mr. Levy who blogs too!  It certainly appears to be a good partnership all the way around for sharing knowledge and information in the pursuit of better healthcare for all.  BD

Powerful MDs

Modern Health Care presents its list of the 5o most powerful MDs in America. Four come from our little corner of the world.
#2, Jim Mongan, CEO of Partners Healthcare System
#3, Don Berwick, CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
#13, John Halamka, our CIO
#42, Gary Gottlieb, CEO of Brigham and Women's Hospital

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Source: Running a hospital: Powerful MDs


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