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Shareholder physicians want to boot key managers, saying the company that controls 12 percent of O.C.’s hospital beds could go out of business.

Doctors who own a majority of Integrated Healthcare Holdings Inc. have filed suit in an attempt to oust the company's top management, saying the executives are preventing the money-losing hospital owner from refinancing expensive loans.

The suit sheds light on a battle for control of a company that owns 12 percent of the hospital beds in Orange County. "The very survival of IHHI is in the balance, as well as its ability, to provide adequate healthcare to the community," the suit says.

Separately, IHHI has filed a suit against OCPIN, Anderson said. The suit was filed under court seal and can't be viewed by the public. It concerns a dispute over lease agreements on the hospitals' real estate, which is majority-owned by OCPIN and rented to IHHI, he said..

Source: Article - Money - Doctors sue hospital firm

The doctors remain upset about the treatment of Dr. Michael Fitzgibbons, a former chief of staff at Western Medical Center-Santa Ana. After the sale by Tenet, he sent e-mails to other doctors expressing doubts about IHHI's financial viability. The company sued him for defamation and lost.

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