While on the page I did a quick check by zip code to see how many surgeons offer this procedure and found 6 available from a zip code in Huntington Beach, CA providing listings within 25 miles.  BD

The Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee is contoured to fit the unique shape and size of women's knees. It does this by matching a woman's shape and size with its 3 distinct differences: The Zimmer Gender Knee has a thinner profile than traditional knee replacements, it allows for more natural movement of the kneecap, and it has a shape specially contoured for women.

The Zimmer Gender Knee has a contoured shape proportioned to fit women's anatomies. This helps the implant from overhanging the bone and potentially pressing on or damaging surrounding ligaments and tendons.







Source: Zimmer Gender Knee, A Woman’s Knee Replacement That Fits Their Shape and Size

Hat Tip:  Medlaunches.com


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