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But there's really more to it than that -- society perceived that the pricing mechanism for doctors' services was broken. That is, if the free market set the price, many citizens would not be able to afford to pay. And society believes implicitly that health care should be widely available to citizens. (That doesn't mean everybody. 40 million Americans are not covered by health insurance but many of them can get care at hospital emergency rooms.)

But given the perception of a broken pricing system, government and managed care organizations intervened. Thus, if a doctor takes patients who do not directly pay their own bills -- but rely on Medicare, Medicaid, or an HMO -- then the price for that service is set by someone other than the doctor.

Most hedge fund managers let computers do much of the work -- something doctors can't do.

Meanwhile, a doctor's best chance to make big money is to go into investment banking -- where salaries and bonuses are in the millions and rising -- or to focus only on patients who have such deep pockets that they will write checks from their own bank accounts to hire the best talent.

Until these economic conditions change, Doctors will continue to earn the acclamation and hedge fund managers will get the money.

Source: Why hedge fund managers outearn doctors - BloggingStocks


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