The practice continues to work with needy patients as stated in the full article...BD

When a doctor's office prescribes timely payment for its services, a patient might be wise to comply -- even when the bill is for a relatively small amount of money.

A coastal Sussex County businesswoman, for instance, has been forced to find a new primary-care physician for herself and her children after allowing a $40 bill to linger for months. It wasn't that real estate agent Donna Atsidis didn't intend to pay the debt, she said recently, she simply hadn't gotten around to it.

"I didn't think it was real," Atsidis said, but she was shaken nonetheless. "I went in there and I was so embarrassed my voice was cracking when I tried to find out what it meant."

She paid off what she owed -- $40.20, to be exact -- but that didn't change her status. She and her daughters, ages 9 and 12, were eligible for emergency service in the short term, but would have to find a new provider for routine care. The decision was final.

The Daily Times - - Salisbury, Md.


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