As insurers and major companies work on revising their current compensation plans for many generic drugs, be sure to keep on top of this so you are not hit with the "shell shock" at the pharmacy window someday to find out that the drug prescribed by your MD may no longer be covered.  As well as the links to retailers on this page for 300-400 drugs for $4.00 for a 30 day supply, mail order can also be of real value as well in keeping your medications affordable. Your physician knows best and some of the affordable generic drugs may offer economic relief for many who might otherwise choose to not fill a prescription based on affordability.  Formularies and coverage change quite frequently and recently I read where Medicare is also working on some revisions as well.  BD

Programs to encourage the use of lower cost generic drugs and health plan design initiatives that encourage the use of mail service could mitigate pricing pressures in this category. Health plan initiatives to encourage more preventive care can also curb spending growth.

“For those patients who depend on medications to avoid serious complications, compliance is paramount,” said Epstein. “Lower-cost drugs help remove barriers to compliance, as do safety programs that identify non-compliant patients and provide additional counseling to modify the behaviors and foster more positive outcomes.”

Source: PharmaLive: New Report: Unmanaged, Diabetes Drug Costs Could Surge Nearly 70 Percent within Three Years


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