This is not a new concept as IV dispensers have been around for quite a while, but new technology allows for the same type of dispensing with pills by using RFID (radio frequency ID).  BD

The MOD® is a Class I device approved for use by the FDA. Use of the device in the EQA Program is not considered experimental but rather, Institutions may collect data related to the use of the device for internal purposes as part of the device evaluation. Modules for data collection are included in the EQA Program Source Book to encourage a thorough evaluation.  No data or internal information collected will be requested by the program sponsor.


The device is delivered to the patient’s bedside and locked onto an IV pole within easy reach of the patient. The patient wears a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband that has been programmed into the device. When the lock-out interval has passed, the patient sees the bright green ready light on the MOD®. To request a dose of medication the patient follows these three easy steps:
  • Touches the pain scale to record the pain level and activate the RFID reader within the device
  • Swipes the RFID wristband over the front of the device to turn the tray to the open position
  • Removes a single pill from the device and takes the medication

Source: AVANCEN, LLC - About the MOD®


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