There are 2 sides to every story, but the one comment included below puzzles me to a degree...was the pressure to increase sales high enough for job security perhaps to create this type of a comment to reflect upon the judgement of the physician?  What happened to "Doctor knows best."  BD

Seattle pediatrician Rupin Thakkar's first inkling that the pharmaceutical industry was peering over his shoulder and into his prescription pad came in a letter from a drug representative about the generic drops Thakkar prescribes to treat infectious pinkeye.

In the letter, the salesperson wrote that Thakkar was causing his patients to miss more days of school than they would if he put them on Vigamox, a more expensive brand-name medicine made by Alcon Laboratories.

"My initial thought was 'How does she know what I'm prescribing?' " Thakkar said. "It feels intrusive. . . . I just feel strongly that medical encounters need to be private."

Source: Doctors, Legislators Resist Drugmakers' Prying Eyes -

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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