Now this is a device that truly makes sense!  As our collection of portable devices increases this is a real handy way to "charge all" at once.  The price is not bad either at $49.99 as you start adding up the cost of purchasing a charging unit for each device and you also have a mess of cords too that go along with charging each device.  BD 

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Chargepod is a 6-way charging device that allows you to charge multiple cell phones, PDAs, headsets, and most other mobile electronics with a single power cord. Just pick out the manufacturer-specific adapters for your devices and throw away the dozens of power cords and wall warts that are cluttering your office and home. Chargepod uses voltage regulator technology and interchangeable power adapters to work with all of your mobile devices regardless of manufacturer or model.

Source: Chargepod: Charges six mobile devices simultaneously with a single power cord

Hat Tip:  PocketPCThoughts


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