For anyone needing to keep their notes, emails, client information in one place, this is a killer application.  I can literally take anything and include it in One Note for easy access and searching.  Why spend all the time digging through the drive of a PC, when this makes the process so very simple and it is not hard to use at all.  If you have a bunch of Word documents relative to a meeting, this makes it so simple.  Need to find the information later, let One Note do the work for you and it will search by keyword.  I use this all the time in my  business and what a huge timeserver it can be.  One Note can be used from a desktop as well as a tablet too.  At the hospital making notes with a tablet can be a really simple task too and you have everything in one place.  Need to share  information with another MD, One Note can do by sharing a selected file.  BD

You may not have noticed it, but when you installed OneNote 2007, you got a new printer: Send to OneNote 2007. If you need to add anything to your notes, you use File Print and select this printer. Short delay (how long depends on how big an item you are printing) and then the item appears in your notes.

What can you print to OneNote? Well, I haven’t found anything I can’t print to OneNote 2007 this way. Big documents take a long time, but they do get there.

Where? Oh - by default, the new notes will end up on a page in the Unfiled Notes section. You can change that by going to Tools–> Options and checking out the Send to OneNote options:

Tools--> Options, Send To OneNote Options

Once you print something to OneNote, it automatically becomes searchable. If the item is long or large, there may be a short delay before the content is searchable, but it will be indexed. In addition, once you print to OneNote, you can right click the object and “Copy the text” from the current page of the printout or the entire printout. What a great way to create copies of stuff, huh?

Source: Print to OneNote Hints ~ Vitamin CH - The cure for all computer ailments


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