Interesting perspective on medical record technology.  Will we someday "Google" our medical records?  BD

dm52407gd.jpgThe Google health care die has been cast, it is a $2 trillion declaration of medical intent.

Adam Bosworth, Google Vice preisdent Engineering,  is no longer content with “touch-feely” consumer reach-out campaigns to “learn” what the “health care consumer” wants, he is now doing what Google does best: Telling the world how it will be.

It WILL be Google’s “vision for the future of health care.”

Those on the winning medical team will go the Googley way, or it’s the Google medical information highway.

Google scary now? Personal Health Records, sponsored by Google, next I warned one month ago. That day is nearing.

In Google’s medical push I present Bosworth’s health care (pay for the right to perform) IT road show underway over the past six months. Bosworth’s most recent stop was the American Medical Association of Informatics, and it was a big one, a $2 trillion one.

Source: » Google declares war on $2 trillion health care industry | Digital Markets |


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