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Margins are falling, bond ratings are dropping, and competition for patients and reimbursement is sharp.

At the same time, the perceptions of the American public have changed. While a decade ago fewer than one in ten Americans saw no difference between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals, today more than half see nothing necessarily distinguishing about nonprofit providers of care. When public opinion erodes, philanthropic support may follow.

The study links these trends health care, economic, and philanthropic and suggests future implications.  The report is important reading for all executives, directors, chairpersons, Board members and others affiliated with hospitals and healthcare in the United States. It’s also a vital read for major donors and foundation executives, healthcare companies, investors in the sector, government leaders and the media.

Source: onPhilanthropy: Articles: Philanthropy's Struggle in Health Care: Nonprofit Hospitals in America: Lives, Jobs and Philanthropy


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