60 Minutes to air the news story this weekend, May 20th.  Story preview available via the link below.  BD

Preview: Dumping On Skid Row

Paraplegic Gabino Olvera was "dumped" from a Los Angeles hospital. (CBS)

"These may be the perfect victims because a homeless individual dumped on Skid Row disappears into the chaos of Skid Row within minutes. It's hard for us to find them and get the evidence we need."

(CBS) It's happened so many times in Los Angeles that cameras have been set up near homeless shelters to catch it on tape, because it's illegal as well as immoral. It's called "hospital dumping."
Hospitals put homeless patients in a van or a taxi and drop them on the city's Skid Row, sometimes dressed in only a flimsy gown, even if they're not healthy enough to fend for themselves.
In one of the latest incidents, the patient "dumped" was paraplegic Gabino Olvera, left to pull himself by his hands on the street. It was the van driver's fault, says the head of the hospital where Olvera was a patient. Hollywood Presbyterian acting CEO Kaylor Shemberger, appears in a 60 Minutes report about hospital dumping by CNN's Anderson Cooper to be broadcast Sunday, May 20, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: Dumped On Skid Row, Anderson Cooper Reports On The Practice Known As "Hospital Dumping" - CBS News


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