Working on a diet...products are available for both personal and professional use and the data is recorded and used with PC software.  The article states the armband can be given to a patient for monitoring, the results are sent to the patient's PC  whereby they can be emailed to the monitoring physician.  I would anticipate seeing the personal versions showing up at gyms and with personal trainers in the new future.  Sounds like a very simplistic way to really find out how many calories we burn and perhaps find some new areas for improvement as we continue the battle of the bulge.  BD

bodybugg™ armband
The bodybugg™ armband monitors an individual's Total Energy Expenditure (TEE). This is the total number of calories their body burns during the day while exercising, driving a car, walking the dog, even sleeping. The armband is a comfortable device worn on the back of the upper arm that continuously and accurately measures calories burned throughout the day. The slim design of the armband minimizes interference with day-to-day activities and can be worn discreetly under clothing.

SenseWear® software applications
The SenseWear® software applications allow you to easily upload, annotate, analyze and share data recorded with the SenseWear® armband. SenseWear® Professional software includes advanced algorithms that accurately process your patients' continuous body data into information you can use. The software allows you to easily graph data and print reports. Advanced features let you customize the collection rate of each of the sensor channels as well as the METs levels that determine different levels of activity, from sedentary to very vigorous.


The bodybugg system enables individuals and healthcare providers (personal trainers, nutritionists, etc.) to accurately monitor calories burned and compare it to calories consumed. It's the perfect tool for anyone struggling to manage their weight effectively or helping someone else do the same.

For the health practitioner, we provide valuable tools that can be used to drive client/patient success and create new revenue streams.

Source:  BodyMedia


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