Windows Live Search for your cell phone can be a huge tool. In this example we did some live lookups on the phone. It has a very simple interface and will not only help you with a map, but can also help you locate a business, i.e. a restaurant, a medical office, hospital, you name it. The examples are fairly simple, but you can see we have driving instructions, traffic conditions, a map, and an option to search for other nearby businesses. I can also save the location to a contact file or forward to someone else. Now that has some huge potential with the medical business in the case of an emergency call, making a house call, finding a hospital, for a few examples.
If you are mobile and have left the "safe harbor" of your desktop PC, give this some real thought as it can be a huge time saver and just might be a life saver too. An ambulance company could easily send the emergency location to an MD, hospital, etc. or the MD could also forward the location in the case of an emergency too.
Shoot, if you just want to find a nice place to eat, it's not bad either. BD



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