I haven't run across any MDs yet that needed professional help yet over using Electronic Medical Records, but I have seen the frustration, mostly from offices that do not get enough training or don't take training seriously.  I think the one line below says it all, "change".  This could be something new, Disruptive Physician Syndrome...and from the full article, the cure doesn't appear to be inexpensive.  I also comment on a forum called EMR Update where we discuss EMR topics all the time and most of the physicians on the forum pretty much agree hands down too that training makes all the difference in the world on a successful implementation and they advise all to be sure and take all offers from the vendors when it comes to training...BD

But there's another downside that not many people are talking about: disruptive physicians. That's according to physician Alexis Polles, medical director of the professional enhancement program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Miss. Polles and the program's clinical director, Phillip Hemphill, gave a presentation on disruptive physicians at the American College of Physician Executives' Spring Institute May 5-10 in Orlando, Fla. I covered the conference for the first time and sat in on the disruptive-physician session looking for some news.

According to Polles and to several physician-executives I spoke with after the session, some practicing physicians are getting so frustrated trying to figure out how to use EHRs that they're lashing out at their peers, co-workers and staff—so much so that they need to seek professional help at places like Pine Grove. Said one physician-executive sitting at my table, "They just don't see why they have to change, and they take it out on everyone else." And off they go for some expensive behavioral modification.

Source: Modern Healthcare Online


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