Nice way of connecting those with asthma to the professionals who can help.  Interesting as well how the prompts could be set up for either a parent or child to enter information.  BD

A remarkable story of success fighting asthma exists at the San Mateo Medical Center, San Mateo County's hospital.

The cell phone prompts the child/parent at various times during the day through eight questions. The child/parent responds to the prompts. For example, did the child take his/her medicine? Is breathing more difficult? After the child measures her/her lung capacity, the cell phone prompts the child to put the measurements into the cell phone. Adverse indicators are relayed, via the phone, to a case manager and then, if needed, to physicians assigned to monitoring the children. If problems are indicated, the phone rings. A case manager seeks more information. The cell phone also offers encouraging messages if the indicators are themselves encouraging, for example, "Doing great! You go girl!"

Over this past year, none of these children has experienced symptoms so severe as to require a visit to the hospital emergency room. Not one. Through intensive patient support and communication, medications are taken on time. Exposure to allergens is reduced. Bottom line: These children are gradually learning how to take better care of themselves. Their health has improved.

Source: Inside Bay Area - Cell phones, support make strong asthma medicine


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