This concept not only involves Cell Phones, but also RFID (radio frequent ID technology) too. This could really be a life saver for post surgery and a new way to monitor cardiac and glucose readings as well.  A phone is a phone is a phone...????  Perhaps not by today's standards...BD

Low cost disposable RFID sensors are now possible with Gentag’s proprietary reference technology. Since RFID-enabled cell phones are currently either already available or under development with major cell phone manufacturers worldwide for both the 13.56 and UHF (Gen-2) frequencies and that market forecasts predict that up to 1 out of 2 phones in the future will be RFID-enabled, the global emergence of RFID sensor networks can be anticipated.

By combining RFID cell phones and RFID sensors with cellular networks or the Internet, the consumer will be empowered to read any RFID sensor tag anywhere for almost any application.


Via:  Gentag

Hat Tip:  Medgadget

Source: RFID Diagnostic Sensors Read By RFID-Enabled Cell Phones: Science Fiction in the News


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