Is one of your health plans sponsoring NEPSI?  We will always maintain a permanent link on this site for physicians to get started as it is free to anyone who decides to participate.  There is a short webinar to attend before getting started that is an introduction on how to use the software, which is sent after the initial enrollment.  BD 

WellPoint, Inc. is joining other Blues plans in sponsoring e-prescribing for providers, partnering with General Motors Corp. (GM) in an Ohio-based e-prescribing pilot and co-sponsoring the National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative (NEPSI). Meanwhile, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) is initiating an effort with four major health plans in that state to promote e-prescribing to members. According to another plan, e-prescribing sponsorship has sped adoption of such tools, which are helping to reduce drug-related medical errors and improve cost savings for health plans, enrollees and payers.

They have a vested interest in improving patient safety and reducing health care costs," he says. NEPSI is "exciting as well, and there are health plans that are sponsoring it as well. It's a win win win," he asserts. "If the doctor uses [e-prescribing], studies show it improves efficiency and reduces medication errors," he explains.

Source: Blues Plans Are Introducing More E-Prescribing Pilots, Initiatives


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