I am guessing competition from the retail clinics may have some influence here with this decision and perhaps there will be more posted in time.  BD 

Selling point

A lot of other providers don't want to compete on price because they think it cheapens the medical field.

Some critics, however, say the value of prices for consumers is limited because physicians treat conditions — and don't sell procedures. Without knowing the steps necessary to diagnose and treat a condition ahead of time, patients are unable to get a good estimate of probable charges.

"Before, if you had a $10 or $5 co-pay, it didn't hit your pocketbook," he said. "But if now you have to pay the first $2,000, the cost of an office visit matters to you a lot more."

Patients can go on the group's website and find that a chest X-ray runs $61 and that a physical examination for a middle-aged patient ranges from $140 to $160. Flu vaccinations are listed at $15,........HealthCare Partners' effort could prompt other physician groups to follow suit, given the competitive nature of Southern California's healthcare market, some experts said.

Still, the idea might take a while to catch on in markets where physicians don't have to compete for patients, said Maribeth Shannon, a California Healthcare Foundation program director.

Source: Doctors' list puts a price on care - Los Angeles Times

Link to the list (pdf)  http://www.healthcarepartners.com/brochures/BasicFees_Web.pdf


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