By the time the 2008 hurricane season rolls around, the LSU Healthcare Network hopes its patients will be well on their way to having portable personal electronic health records they can access in case of a catastrophe.
LSU picked Medem’s™ iHealth to generate the free health records for patients, said Dr. Frank Opelka, CEO of the LSU Healthcare Network and associate dean for clinical affairs at LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine at New Orleans. The effort has only recently begun.
“The iHealth record is not the physician’s e-health record of his or her patient. It is the patient’s personal health record,” Opelka said. “It is a Web-based system that carries the patient’s complete medical history. It can be updated by each patient.”
If LSU’s patients evacuate the city or state and need healthcare, they can go to the Web and obtain their personal health records, Opelka said. Many of the LSU network’s patients don’t have computers or access to the Internet, so LSU will help them enter their information.

Source: LSU Launches E-health Records for Patients on Louisiana Medical News


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