Are you using some type of "Registry Report" in your practice?  This is not really anything new and some EMRs come with a module or section to help a practice easy compile the numbers.  You really benefit with this feature being built in to the EMR as it can avoid duplicate data entry.  If you are still on paper then this process can be very lengthy as noted below in have to manually comb through all the paper charts...this can absolutely be one huge task and a big disadvantage for continuing paper files.  Again, something to think about as the article continues on to talk about how some EMRs do not include registry functions too.  BD

They also have to comb through the charts to see when patients last had a test done if that occurred before the labs went online.

The real value of the registry, he says, is that it has helped him deliver better patient care. For example, it can help him see that some of his diabetic patients haven't been told to take a small dose of aspirin each day. "By looking at the whole population of diabetics, I can improve the care for all of them."

Perhaps because these kinds of incentives have been unavailable until recently, registries sponsored by PHOs or physician organizations are still not widespread. (See "Do disease registries=$$ rewards?" Medical Economics, Nov. 4, 2005) But a growing number of IPAs, health systems, medical groups, and health plans are investing in them as a way to improve care and facilitate clinical data reporting. Here's how physicians in two PHOs—one in Michigan and the other in Maine—are using and benefiting from electronic registries.

Most EHRs, Anderson notes, lack registry functions, even if they have good clinical prompts and alerts. For example, GE Centricity, which is popular among local practices, can't produce a "point-of-care report for the patient so the patient gets a self-report about where they stand and what's due." The doctors also can't use it to create lists for population management, he says. So some EHR users in the PHO are also using the registry, he notes.

Source: P4P without the pain? - Physicians in PHOs and IPAs are banding together to create registries that improve care and help them garner P4P. - Medical Economics


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