If you are a Medicare participant, this is worth checking out as many of the injection compensations are being changed by Medicare.  Many small offices too may not be able to absorb the cost associated with maintaining a supply on hand if they cannot purchase in bulk quantity.  BD

Thousands of small physician offices are "getting out of the business of administering drugs for conditions ranging from anemia and cancer to arthritis and infections," the Wall Street Journal reports. The shift is "an unintended consequence of a change in the way Medicare reimburses doctors" to administer medications that are injected or infused, according to the Journal.
Companies that manufacture the medications, such as Amgen and Johnson & Johnson, offer large rebates or discounts for bulk purchases, but many smaller physician offices do not purchase such treatments in bulk. In addition, because Medicare determines the reimbursements for such medications based on the average price paid, the discounts reduce reimbursements for all physicians, regardless of whether they receive discounts.

Source: Coverage & Access | Many Small Physician Offices No Longer Provide Injected Medications Because of Medicare Reimbursement Issues - Kaisernetwork.org


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