Lots of good information here relative to One Note...if you are not using One Note at meetings...well let me tell you it sure is any easy way to keep track of all your meeting notes and then some...this is a great blog to read and offers some addition add ons as well...if you haven't looked at One Note...think about it, especially if you own a tablet PC.  I have had many ask me over the years about the tabs, sections, etc.  The easy way to remember how One Note functions is to think of each Notebook (left side) as a Book and the title of the book, the Sections across the top are the Chapters in your book, and the pages (right hand side) are the pages in each chapter or section ...so just think of each Notebook as a "Book with Chapters and Pages"...and that will help make sense of how One Note is set up to work.  imageIf you are in health care, be sure to look up the Ablet Factory and see the EMR and SOAP Toolkits...not free but not expensive and great for the small practice to get started with a tablet and paperless charts...a  simple search around this site will also give you some additional information as well.....BD 

Actually OneNote is in broad usage in the company (Microsoft) already - it has taken off virally and in any meeting or lecture I go to, if a laptop is open more often than not OneNote is there as people keep track of what is said and what they need to do next. In fact the usage data shows that for people who have it installed (more than half the company - pretty good!), they use it more than PowerPoint. image

" The other day I got an email inviting me to download an entire course on how to manage email and tasks effectively (something everyone in corporate settings struggles with), and it came as a OneNote notebook."

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