$9.99 for 90 days with enrollment with the Health Savings Pass

CVS becomes the latest retail drug chain to jump on the bandwagon, pretty close in comparison, except you need to join the Health Savings Plan. The plan is primarily created for cash patients but anyone can benefit so if you have a $25.00 co-pay for example, pay cash and forget the insurance card. Being this is an annual fee for $10.00 I am assuming this will put you into a data base so perhaps the prescription imageinformation will be captured for the insurers. Other stores when you pay cash do not capture this information imageand send back to insurance companies. I wrote a post about that issue a while back, check under related reading for details on how this works.

The one thing different that I am not sure about is a 30 day prescription so the pharmacist might be able to clarify the information on this situation but I would think a 30 day prescription, as you may not need 90 days might fall into the same category for pricing. You will also get a 10% discount at the Minute Clinics located in some of the stores.

Also the information can be imported into your Personal Health Records, Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. The link to the PDF showing all the generic drugs offered at the discounted rate has been added to the site, and it took me a few pages to locate the direct link myself, but it is there.

A while back I did a short interview at one of the Minute Clinic stores here in California and you can find the details under the related reading section below. BD

Enrollment into the CVS/pharmacy Health Savings Pass is easy and costs only $10 annually, per person. Whether you have limited prescription insurance or no coverage at all, you can sign up today for the CVS/pharmacy Health Savings Pass and start saving immediately.

It’s not an insurance plan, but a prescription savings pass that allows you to save on the medications you and your family need. Plus, you’ll receive 10% off MinuteClinic services* inside select CVS/pharmacy stores.

Here’s how you can save with your Health Savings Pass:

• Pay only $9.99 for a 90-day supply of over 400 generic prescriptions.
• 10% off at MinuteClinic on any regular priced health service or screening*
• Save at one of our more than 6,300 CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide.

CVS Caremark will make prescription histories from its retail and mail order pharmacies, and medical records from its in-store MinuteClinics, available to consumers via a HealthVault account from Microsoft Corp.

The alliance means consumers with a HealthVault account will be able to download into their personal health record prescription histories from CVS and records of visits to a MinuteClinic, which uses an electronic health records system.

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