So now one can order up and set up your time with a local lab, which is referenced on the site and in my area here it listed LabCorp locations as they are listed as a partner. This really is becoming a help yourself world when you need to order up your own and can even pay online.


What else is new should be no surprise, a PHR, personal health record comes along with the deal too. Did I say personal health records were screaming their way in to healthcare? Well if I did not , I should have!


The move now too is to have PHRs talking to PHRs, so I might bet it might not be too long before these folks get integrated with either Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault.

One challenge though might be getting the imageDigital Lab Order (DLO) from your physician, depending how far up the ladder they are with technology. That is necessary to participate.

Interesting too how the site makes mention of the MIB, medical insurance bureau that has you entire insurance rap sheets. BD

At MyMedLab, we are passionate about empowering consumers to make informed health care choices. We want to be the most cost-effective, convenient, and consumer-friendly laboratory service provider. We focus exclusively on the consumer experience, everything from the look of our website, to the testing offered, the ease of ordering a test, the Physician Review, and results reporting experience. We believe that the informed and empowered consumer will be an essential catalyst in reforming our current health care system.

MyMedLab has partnered with the nation's largest and most respected reference laboratories to provide our service at nearly 2000 Patient Service Centers (PSC) across the U.S.

All PSCs operate on a walk-in basis and do not require an appointment. The Digital Lab Order (DLO) we provide contains all the information required for collection. You MUST have it with you when you visit to have your samples collected.

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