The other day I posted about some of the vendors Google Health connects with and today I’ll add a few more. These online services go beyond prescriptions and labs, and some are in fact, other subscription forms of personal health records. As mentioned before, as we now have Health 2.0 in action, the software is being written differently from the ground up. Unlike the medical records systems that were created for doctors years ago, the connections and software of today is located on the web and not necessarily on the desktop, although some programs have a desktop applications that works with the one on the web, pretty much just to make the systems easier to open and imageuse.

There is no way everybody would use everyone of the vendors on the list, as it would more than likely make you crazy, so again it comes back around to us being the “informed patient” when it comes to our healthcare. If you need vaccines, then you might want to look up the vendor that specializes in that area. LiveStrong, another vendor offers information and tools about general healthcare and occasionally even picks up something from the Medical Quack as well.

imageAnother interesting vendor is Their up and coming service will allow you t connect with investigators from your Google Health Records and find available trial programs for a quick and easy match, along with setting up a full line of communication between you and the investigators, all done easily from Google Health and the service is also available in HealthVault as well.

If you are having problems getting your records in to Google Health, there is also a service called Unival that will for a fee help you get everything you need in your records.

If you have not set up a PHR yet, now might the be the time to give this some thought. The patient has options to share any records with any physician, hospital, etc. they desire so it is up to you who will be able to see and utilize which record you enable.

Why sit around manually and enter all the information yourself when credible data can be done via a data transfer and formatted for you. The old records of the past didn’t give us this option, but now with Health 2.0, that option is there and working. There is a permanent link on this site to get started at any time. BD

These websites offer personal health services. When you link a website to your profile, you may authorize that website to read your Google Health profile or to automatically send and update information in your profile (such as medical records or prescription histories). You decide which permissions to grant when you sign up with each website. Google doesn't own or endorse these websites and isn't responsible for their content or performance. The Google Health privacy policy does not pertain to other web sites, so check each service's privacy policy and share information only with sites you trust.





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