As the article states, an individual can use the product without a clinician being present and it appears that a supply of disposable patches are included.  Through ultrasound waves, the pain in the area under the patch is relieved.  It has shown relief with acute and chronic pain as well as an anti-inflammatory issues.  This could perhaps mean less pain medication for relief in the future.  BD

Nesher, Israel, NanoVibronix, a medical device company, announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510K imageclearance to market PainShield™ MD, a diathermy device used to treat pain. PainShield is the first hands-free, patch-based device, thus allowing for an entirely new dimension in ultrasound treatment of pain and soft tissue healing. The PainShield consists of a disposable patch connected to a portable reusable driver and propagates therapeutic ultrasound waves to the desired area of the body. 

About the Company

NanoVibronix, located in Nesher Israel, develops products that implement its proprietary therapeutic ultrasound technology. The company has also developed a unique line of catheter based disposable ultrasound devices designed to treat catheter associated injury including pain, discomfort and biofilm formation. The first two products in this category are the UroShield™ for in-dwelling urinary catheters and NG-Shield™ for in-dwelling Nasogastric tubes.

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  1. The device is no doubt a lucky aid for people suffering from pain. It's convenient as it can is portable, and doesn't suppose a course of treatment such as prescripyion drugs or electrical nerve stimulation.

  2. It sure seems like we are moving pretty heavy these days with devices too instead of a drug if it can be done.


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