According to the article, there’s still time to save the hospitals and no plans on closing at this point, but it’s the same thing faced all over the US, no money, and 50% of the hospitals in the US border on solvency, and sure hate to see that number rise by any means.image  Growing the business saddled with low reimbursements is not getting the job done.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of related reading on this matter on the series I did called “Desperate Hospitals” over the last couple months.  BD

FRAMINGHAM — MetroWest Medical Center executives held a meeting with legislators and business leaders yesterday to tell them the institution's two hospitals are losing money and need help remaining viable.

While there are no plans to close the Framingham Union and Leonard Morse campuses, executives said the two facilities lost a combined $4.2 million this quarter, including operating expenses that ended $360,000 in the red.

"This institution is unfortunately under financial duress," said Joseph Mullany, regional president for parent company Vanguard Health Systems.  "The more I grow the business, the more I lose," he said. "So something has to change."

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