When I saw this post this morning I thought this should be posted to create an awareness.  The patient was not feeling well and perhaps should have seen a physician sooner.  Heartbreaking to see what this has done and his life was saved, but it cost him his legs.  Should this create a need for having a strep throat test if you do in fact have a sore throat.  Good points and questions from Dr. Anonymous.  I might think twice myself next time I have one.  BD

Saw this video report (above) from CNN this morning. At first look, I'm thinking, "Well, this is good, right?" This will cause people to come in and be evaluated for their sore throats. Because at the end of the report, they say, "So, this winter, if you have a sore throat, get a strep test.

Doctor Anonymous: Strep throat amputation


  1. Thanks so much for the link. I appreciate it!

  2. Anytime, that was really a good find and we both had some new readers on the blogs as a result, I am sure.


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