Also as part of the settlement, all TV ads have to be approved by the FDA as well and they can delay their broadcast as well.  In related news commercials are running sponsored by big Pharma thanking Congressmen for the their votes.

  The ads are sponsored by a nonprofit group called America’s Agenda: Health Care for Kids. But as these filings with the Federal Election Commission show, the money for the commercials comes from PhRMA, the big drug industry trade group.

Do we really need all of these commercials perhaps when some of the funds might go towards medications especially now when people are going without?  BD   

Washington is getting $1.2 million as part of a $60 million, 33-state settlement with Pfizer Inc. over potentially dangerous marketing practices. The agreement reached today ends a five-year investigation into allegations that the company marketed anti-inflammatory drugs Celebrex and Bextra for unapproved uses despite known health risks.

The states accused the company of providing prizes to encourage sales representatives to promote Bextra for off-label uses, co-opting influential doctors with paid consultancies and lavish weekends at high-end resorts, and promoting Bextra for off-label uses during educational programs attended by physicians, according to McKenna.

One more related story, Sermo, sponsored by Pfizer is working with the FDA on physician surveys relative to medical device safety.  The real time social network allowed for much faster results for the survey with over 1000 physicians responding to questions about VC devices containing the plasticizer DEHP.  BD

Washington settles with Pfizer over dangerous drug marketing

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