Being this is breast cancer awareness month, nice feature on Elizabeth Edwards and how she not only is battling breast cancer, but the public display of her marriage, which she has pretty much kept under wrap.  Cancer is tough enough to battle as it is, but add on the other side of what happened in the public eye and that makes for a lot of stress and even more uncertainty when you need your life partner the most and they are not there for you, or let’s say in the way we all hope our partners would be.image

There is a video at the site and it somewhat makes one think about what is really important in life, fame, fortune or the true pursuit of happiness and can they all live together.  BD 

She looks a bit fragile," observes Liz Roberts, an Arlington woman in the audience Monday evening. "Maybe vulnerable," says her friend Debbie Nichols. And yet Elizabeth Edwards is here. Inside the Beltway, in front of the cameras, one week before the Election Day she once dreamed would carry her husband into the giant white house just seven blocks away. The "husband," as she refers to him, is not here. This is Elizabeth's gig, her topic, on her terms. There will be no mention of the scandal. No interviews allowed.

From the beginning, to an astonishing -- almost painful -- degree, Elizabeth Edwards has shared her personal life with us. In her book, blogs and endless campaign interviews, she has spoken with striking candor about her own experiences. The death of a teenage son. Giving birth two years later, at age 48, and again at age 50. A diagnosis of breast cancer one month before John Kerry and running mate John Edwards lost the 2004 presidential race. Remission, a second presidential campaign, and a return of the cancer.

Edwards Emerges From Her Husband's Shadow -


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