The pharmaceutical business is getting to be a pretty busy legal battle ground and it all appears to be revolving around intelligent property of one kind or another.  Some are fined, others are not able to produce generics, and then there is the increase business with partnering or purchasing biotech companies too.  BD 

Novartis won't sell Biaxin XL copy

Although Novartis' Sandoz generic drug unit was hoping to resume marketing of its version of the antibiotic Biaxin XL, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington put a stop to it.

Abbott Laboratories' Biaxin XL became the subject of a patent dispute shortly after Sandoz began selling a copy in December 2006. However, the judge in the Appeals Court said that Sandoz was likely to lose anyway, so there was no reason to overturn the lower court ruling that Sandoz did indeed infringe on Abbott's patent.

Lilly: $1.4B ding in profits for Zyprexa charge

Earlier this month, Eli Lilly came to a settlement regarding consumer protection laws with 32 different states over inappropriate marketing of Zyprexa.  Now, the company says it is in "advanced discussions" regarding a criminal investigation, in addition to a class-action lawsuit it might face..

Lilly's senior vice president and general counsel, Robert Armitage, released a statement saying that, because of the ongoing investigation, "We now have a heightened sense of responsibility to all our stakeholders to intensify efforts to resolve these issues.


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