Not to fault the governor here totally, he has to work with what the legislature put in place and we all know what a battle that was with hospitals, nursing homes, etc. that were put on hold this year with no payments for 3 months until a budget was created.

Risk management runs healthcare and it appears it also runs state budgets these days too.  BD 

Saying the budget situation is “unprecedented”, high level Schwarzenegger Administration officials said today in a conference call to health and human services advocates that the Governor will propose major cuts to health and human services as part of a package of proposals to address the growing State budget crisis that he wants the Legislature to approve when they meet in special session next week. Administration officials also said that the Governor will also propose ways to increase the State’s revenues, including proposals to help Californians who have lost jobs or face foreclosure but that every budget area will face reductions to control growth in spending. No details on the spending cuts or revenue increases were provided.

Bradshaw said that the State’s revenue loss is “far beyond what we expected” and that the budget shortfall is significantly larger and “dramatic”.


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