Good interview from Robert Scoble and well worth listening to, he speaks about how healthcare is in a very fast pace, faster than what we have known in the imagepast and about the shift to the consumer is evolving as far as taking care and accumulating your own personal health care records.

People are finally gaining comfort on knowing what health records are all about. In the interview he speaks quite a bit about how their site is getting information to the consumer as well as the portion relating to personal health records. image

One big point made here is the lingo, how health care speaks a different language than what is used in healthcare and the Healthline site is geared to bring the 2 together. Healthcare affects all and the mission here is to get healthcare to everyone. Just as my blog does, the site brings everything filtered and in a format that everyone can use. He also speaks about the company meltdowns taking place right now too in healthcare. “People are already Yelping for doctors, just as they do with restaurants.

Again, very good interview and the point is very well made on how the empowered consumer is emerging. When you stop and think about it with all the additional administrative work and information is flowing today to to healthcare workers, their time is even more strapped than ever, thus it truly is becoming teamwork to work with clinicians for healthcare, they are just flat over burdened with red tape, working with the HMOs on claims, referrals, etc. so it is basically becoming a time for us, the consumers to jump in here and be part of the team. One nice thing about having your medical records too on a PHR is the availability to find and correct errors, and yes they are there, so even when information is imported, don’t take it for granted, read it and make sure it is correct as some of this information can result in denial of claims, services, etc. All we really need now is for the MIB (Medical Insurance Bureau) to data dump all our insurance information shared and on file with all insurance carriers and that will open a lot of doors as far as being able to see as a consumer what is in the file and what all the carriers are sharing, if it goes to one, it is shared by all. BD

“Yesterday I ran into the CEO of Healthline, West Shell, and had a 15-minute conversation with him. This is a dramatically big web company. Crunchbase says it has 4.2 million unique visitors a month. So, getting his point of view on anything is interesting, but hearing his view on the economy at this time is even more interesting (he is seeing an effect even on his company, so my advice that healthcare will be recession resistant might not have been that good, although he says they are setup very well to thrive long term).

He also tells me about the recent Health 2.0 conference, the efforts of Google and Microsoft in the healthcare market, privacy of your health records, among other things, including what he thinks Barack Obama will be able to get done in healthcare if he’s elected President.”

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