Yes there is a genomics based test for this now, male and female.  Inquiring minds want to know.  If the answer comes back yes, then get a imagehold of some Propecia©.  If you have the gene variant, you have approximately a 70% chance of going bald, and the same in reverse if you do not have it.  There are FDA approved medications for both male and female.  BD

Why should I take The HairDX Test?  

  • The HairDX Genetic Test predicts your risk for hair loss or thinning
  • By the time hair loss or thinning is noticeable — almost 50% of your hair could be gone
  • imageThe only FDA approved treatments are best at preserving EXISTING hair — not re-growing lost hair
  • The HairDX test will help predict your hair loss BEFORE you can see any visible hair loss

What will The HairDX Test tell me?

  • The HairDX Genetic Test for Female Pattern Hair Loss provides women with a score, called the CAG repeat score
  • A smaller CAG test score is associated with a higher risk for significant hair loss (Ludwig grade II or III hair loss)
  • A larger CAG test score is associated with a lower risk for hair loss
  • Scientists discovered that only 2.3% of women with a CAG test score below 15 did NOT develop Female Pattern Hair Loss


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