This will be available via Office Live, which I have used now for a while, for my website, email and I really like the synchronization of my email as with the Outlook connector, I have everything synchronized with my Outlook Office client on my desktops.

I currently have everything connected, Calendar, Email, Tasks, etc.  Nice to see that Silverlight is in the plans too.  I really like the small SharePoint service that comes free with the basic subscription.  If you have used Facebook, then you will be familiar with adding additional applications to the entire set up.

Again, having everything synchronized and not having to worry about synchronizing 2 desktop Outlook installations is a breeze!  I moved my domain over and went to town from there.  Everything is always up and ready to go and I can read and work with email, Word documents from any computer that has internet access.  Small practice, worth taking a look.   BD

Wouldn't it be cool if all the Office applications worked online, cross-browser from anywhere with AJAX and/or Silverlight? Or maybe even from your cellphone? What would be even better is if they had real time collaboration, integrating the rich client with the web clients. Well, wish no more because all of the above is going to be a part of the next Office Suite.

Here’s a video on what’s to come:

First Look: Office 14 for Web

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