More news on Personal Health Records from Kaiser (PHR). According to this press release, patients are having some real success with using the online tools to manage chronic care conditions. Soon, the records will have the capability to be exported to Microsoft HealthVault. The HealthVault has many management tools online as well in one place so one can find the information all in one place.

More patients are taking advantage of making their appointments online and emailing their physicians as well. Personal imageHealth Records are emerging quickly as the preferred methodology of managing your healthcare records and is growing rapidly with vendors making it fast and easy to import the records, thus the time it takes to create records is as simple as a data transfer without the patient having to manually enter all the data.

In another related story, HealthVault has a new vendor who will digitize your records and enter into the HealthVault. You can read more about UNIVAL here. There is both a free and subscription service, but with the subscription portion, your records will be digitally created from an image from your MD, in other words, in the program and not a document so the information can be re-used again later in data and not document format. BD

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 22 /PRNews wire/ -- In its ongoing commitment to total health and management of chronic conditions, Kaiser Permanente announced today the introduction of three new online Healthy Lifestyle Programs on the topics of diabetes, depression and insomnia. The new offerings are available to all Kaiser Permanente members at and complement the site's current online health tools and programs on weight management, pain management, smoking cessation and more.

As of September 30, Kaiser Permanente members nationwide have utilized the Healthy Lifestyle Programs 358,355 times, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:
-- 78 percent of members using the pain management program cite improvement within 30 days
-- 55 percent of members using the weight management program experienced weight loss after six months
-- 52 percent of members who participated in the smoking cessation program were still tobacco-free six months later
-- Early feedback shows that 94 percent of members using the new diabetes program report they are able to better manage their condition, 82 percent said they now communicate better with their doctor, and 77 percent improved their medication habits

The Healthy Lifestyle Programs are offered to members on through My Health Manager -- a personal health record and one-stop resource for free,time-saving services, including e-mailing their doctor, refilling prescriptions and checking lab results. Members also may schedule or cancel appointments online, as well as review recent office visits and recommended follow-up steps. This convenient access to a patient's own health history and information is made available by KP HealthConnect(TM) -- the world's largest civilian health care record.

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