This is interesting as yes the technology could make a waiter or waitress more in tune to your needs.  I am guessing we might see this technology expanded as well to let individuals know when they have had too much too.  We are getting so efficient at tending to our needs with technology that I wonder if in a few years if we will be able to remember how to tie our shoes!  Surface technology offers much though in the way of healthcare that is truly beneficial, see the related reading for more details below.   BD 

See what else is on the web this week with the Medical Quack. 

Medical Quack on the Web this week

It's just a kooky, Surface-related R&D project for now, but Microsoft's SurfaceWare holds the promise of optimizing your time-to-alcohol consumption ratio. Combining software with a level-sensing tumbler, SurfaceWare effectively measures the amount of liquid remaining in your glass. The specialized drinking glasses are fitted with a prism that works in combination with Surface's infrared detecting camera to reflect light as the prism rises above the level of your emptying beverage

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