This has been started in the UK and could certainly reduce the amount of pain reliving pills needed post surgery and the entire unit is disposable, so the medication goes to where the pain is instead of having to go to our brains first.  No word yet on when we might see this in the US. 

With emergency situations I could see this technology being very valuable, again it has the potential to eliminate the need for additional painkillers like morphine and others.  BD 

PAIN could be a thing of the past for hospital patients, and more money could be available to improve healthcare facilities across the UK, say manufacturers of a groundbreaking new pain-relief system. The Painbuster System from Sheffield-based B Braun Medical uses a pump and catheter to deliver local anesthetic directly into a wound area, providing rapid and effective pain relief for up to five days. Makers say patients can recover faster from surgery using the tool as they will have significantly-less need for painkillers such as morphine, which can have unpleasant side effects. This will cut the time patients have to spend in hospital after treatment and free up valuable resources.

“The system is designed to infuse local anesthetic directly into the wound to provide effective pain relief without the need for opiates and the technique itself is quick and easy to use and the system totally disposable after use.”

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