It has been a while since I updated some of the vendors that you can import in to your online health records. First of all there is Walgreens and Longs Drugs. You can import your drug records right in to Google Health. The best deal you will see below is E-Prescribing as you will only have to connect to one source instead of perhaps a couple drug stores and there is a link on this site for any physician to get started for free and the 2% Medicare bonus pay to the MD that will apply after January 1st on all prescriptions that are sent electronically.

Go to the import/export area and select the vendor. You will need an account with both before you can import, but that takes a few minutes to set up and then you are ready. Google appears to be connected to the pharmaceuticals in a larger number at present than HealthVault who has more devices that connect at present.

One big advantage PHR, personal health records development has over the EMR/EHR development days is integration, which the web and software were not up to that point when some of the earlier medical records systems for doctors and hospitals were created, but now the PHRs are using the most up to date web and desktop software that was not available a few years ago.



And better yet if your physician has signed up for the free Allscripts E-Prescribing you can connect and import that data as well. This is the way to go to capture all of your prescriptions at once. There is a link on this site for physicians to sign up and it is free, so if your physician is still using paper charts, you can refer them here.


Mail order with Medco, it can be added too.


Did you visit a Minute Clinic at at CVS Store? Those records can be imported too. Both Google Health and HealthVault will import these records for you.


These are just some of the vendors and as featured before, you can also import your lab results from Quest Labs.

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