When this technology came out, there were many questions about privacy, and the chip needs to have a facility with a “chip reader” as well, so to get everything going it does take some coordination. 

In the meantime, the PHR movement is moving quickly in some real positive directions as there is more to offer than just records, tools and searches that can add value to the process as well.  Recently Kaiser Permanente placed Kiosks in their facilities to help with check in procedures, etc. and they seem to be working well.

We all know how long the wait can be in the ER, so it was just a passing thought, but having a Kiosk in the ER room might imagenot be a bad way to pass some time while you wait, with connections to HealthVault, Google Health, and maybe others so patients could make use of some otherwise wasted time and get started with their personal health records.  Some hospitals and facilities outside of Kaiser already offer this type of service, but with the online records movement coming to the forefront, why not have a kiosk available, even if the facility is not set up with their own check in and records, this could be a great start and perhaps by the time one gets to see the physician in the ER room, there might be a record set up and ready to share!  ER physicians would like that by all means!  BD  

VeriChip Corp. has received notice from the NASDAQ exchange that it presently does not comply with two stock ticker listing requirements. The vendor sells a human-implantable chip containing information on how to access a patient's electronic health records in an emergency. The company will have an extended time period to regain compliance before losing its NASDAQ listing. Delray Beach, Fla.-based VeriChip's stock price closed at 37 cents per share on Oct. 23 and has been below the $1 minimum bid price for more than 30 consecutive business days. Its market capitalization of $4.15 million is below the $5 million minimum threshold.

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