There are big companies investing in genomics as well, but as time progresses we could see a combination of efforts and some melt downs  occur.  Cerner healthcare just recently made the news by adding genomics capabilities to their lab software. 

Complete Genomics has a little different business plan, not to sell the machines, but to run the DNA sequencing wholesale, in other words run the queries, but no interpretations.  Another company would then take the results and prepare the appropriate interpretation for the consumer/patient or physician. 

The company has claimed soon that the price will be around 5k to run a complete DNA sequence based on their technology.  Good article from Venture Beat written by the CEO of Complete Genomics to acquaint you with and describe how genomic sequencing is going to impact healthcare and the treatments and cures for disease. BD 

“[Editor's note: As we've reported, the economic downturn and frozen IPO market have been especially tough on health care companies. But that doesn't mean innovation has slowed across the board. Below, Clifford Reid, chief executive of genome sequencing company Complete Genomics, discusses the financial concerns and direction of one of the most buzzed about life science sectors.] 

Genetics are no longer the mystery they once were. Regular people can now have their genomes read to determine their susceptibility to illnesses like diabetes, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This has given them unprecedented power to take preventative steps.

My company, Complete Genomics, is working to make large-scale genome studies a reality. With the proper sequencing tools at their disposal, biopharmaceutical firms and research institutions will be able to advance diagnostics, drug discovery and clinical trials by years if not decades. In turn, this will lead to the creation of better, more personalized therapies and treatment strategies.”

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