Viagra, almost the everything, anything drug!  When you stop and think back about how the drug came to market and the entire story, it is pretty interesting in the fact that it was initially researched as a cardio drug and not what it used for today.

At any rate, if you are an athlete covered by Kaiser it is not going to be covered under your insurance plan either, so I guess now it appears to be getting down to what is the drug prescribed for to hopefully tell the tale in time.  If it is prescribed for a cardio condition, and if you are a male, then you can decide whether or not you like the side effects I guess, and we all know what those are (grin) or you might entertain some “Horney Goat Weed” if that is perhaps what you are looking for.  image

The drug has also been shown to prevent blood clots as well in recent studies, so if you are an athlete who might be taking the drug for blood clots, well then you may not be able to compete?   Also, if you are female and taking anti depressants, reports show that Viagra is now a help there as well.  Or you could forget the Viagra completely and chock up on a lot of watermelon.  If you want to monitor your blood pressure too there’s always the wireless underwear to come to the rescue you could use in conjunction with any drug or for that matter without a drug. 

A little tongue and cheek here, but how and where Viagra continues in the market place is truly a marvel as more information becomes available.  BD

Viagra can relax blood vessels throughout the body, improving oxygen flow to all sorts of muscles and enhancing an athlete’s endurance, especially above sea level, the NYT explains.

There are two studies going on to try to figure out Viagra’s precise effects on athletes. One, at the University of Miami, is looking into whether Viagra helps aerobic capacity at lower altitudes in which athletes typically compete, according to NYT. (An earlier study at Stanford had shown it helped some participants at higher altitudes.)

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